Deconstructing Mamas

I am Enough - Jonathan Puddle

March 07, 2023 Lizz Enns Petters and Esther Joy Goetz Season 3 Episode 29
Deconstructing Mamas
I am Enough - Jonathan Puddle
Show Notes

Jonathan Puddle, dad of four, children's pastor and author, is with us this week.
Jonathan was born in New Zealand and now resides in Guelph, Ontario with his wife Maija and their three kids. He love books, music, movies, dark beer, good food, and long walks on the beach.

Jonathan feels passionately about living freely and loving powerfully. He believes that LOVE is a burning thing. It'll change your life forever. But as a word, it's also kind of meaningless. We love chocolate, we love puppies, we love God. God is love. God loves us. But God's love for us isn't just a passive, warm feeling, like my love of porters and ales. God's love is active, intentional and costly, it accomplishes things and it transforms lives.

FUN FACT: Jonathan is also a trance and progressive house DJ named "J Puddy" in case you're into that.

On this episode, Jonathan takes us on a journey toward love, hope and freedom. Having received so much healing from the toxic faith he grew up with, he walks beside us to the place where we can believe that we are enough to be loved. As we were listening to Jonathan, it gave us great hope that there is a very full and beautiful life on the other side of deconstructing, in the place where we are rebuilding our faith (if we choose to) brick by brick. If you find yourself angry, lonely and still weighted down by the shackles of a destructive faith and how that might be impacting your children, this episode will have you walking lighter and feeling much less alone. Listen in. You won't regret it.

You can find Jonathan at the following:

Instagram:  @jonathanpuddle