Deconstructing Mamas

Compassionate Curiosity - Shelly Robinson

December 06, 2022 Lizz Enns Petters and Esther Joy Goetz Season 2 Episode 27
Deconstructing Mamas
Compassionate Curiosity - Shelly Robinson
Show Notes

"Motherhood is the hardest and holiest work because my kids reflect back to me what I haven't yet resolved within myself."  (Shelly Robinson)

Shelly Robinson, mom of two, founder of Raising Yourself, certified family wellness coach, author of the Rebirth Journal, and creator behind the Connected Collection, a powerful bundle of transformational parenting tools, is our podcast guest this week and will round out Season 2.

She's also a lover of tacos, coffee enthusiast, Enneagram 2, ENFJ, and a neuro-spicy (hello ADHD diagnosis at 43 years old), and homeschooling mama. Her top three values are authenticity, humor, and integrity.

Shelly has taken my lived and professional experience as a coach and mother and made it her mission to educate and equip parents with the knowledge, tools, and support they deserve to reparent themselves, break cycles, and better understand the relationship between their childhoods and the way they parent.

On this episode, Shelly walks us through the very helpful and necessary idea of having to reparent ourselves as we deconstruct systems that have kept our inner child hidden, voiceless, and often wounded. All the big picture, yet practical tips Shelly has for us on this episode will not only change the way you parent, but the way you treat yourself. This is really big and a whole new way seeing the world and especially the relationships that matter the most to you.  You will want to take notes and follow everything Shelly does and get your hands on the resources she has for you.

You can find Shelly at the following:

Instagram:  @raising_yourself

Shelly Robinson - Raising Yourself


Shelly has some incredible products for you. Check them out here:

The Connected Kid Collection (launching December 12th)

Get the support you deserve with the Connected Collection, a powerful bundle of parenting tools that will give you exactly what you need to cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself and with your child. 

What’s Included: 

  • 50 (physical) Connected Kid conversation cards;
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  • 100 page workbook called Reparenting the Younger You

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