Deconstructing Mamas

Pastoring, Potatoes and Parenthood- Ben Cremer

November 22, 2022 Lizz Enns Petters and Esther Joy Goetz Season 2 Episode 25
Deconstructing Mamas
Pastoring, Potatoes and Parenthood- Ben Cremer
Show Notes

The fabulous Ben Cremer is our guest this week. Ben is all these things: Wesleyan. Writer. Chronic student. Constant investigator. Idahoan (Lizz and Esther had never met anyone before from Idaho). He is very well-known for the black boxes on social media filled with mic drop after mic drop of wisdom and cut-to-the-chase snippets that speak to where we find ourselves in modern Christianity in America.

What happens when you talk about pastoring, potatoes (he is from Idaho, people) and parenthood in the same Zoom space? You get an amazing podcast episode!  Ben is a brandy-new dad who has big plans to raise his son and any future children without all the destructive "spirituality" that he was raised with. His story is a nail biter and while he was speaking, Esther and Lizz had shocked looks on their faces because they could hardly believe what they were hearing. It's a story that shows how harmful toxic religion can be, but also a story that gives hope that lives can be transformed and healed. A story that says, "it all stops here." A story that is much like many of our own.

Ben has a weekly newsletter that dives deep into how religion and politics intersect. He already has over 5000 subscribers (two of which are us) in a very short time because it is chock full of information, wisdom and also hope.  You can sign up for it right HERE.

You can find Ben at the following:


Facebook:  Benjamin Cremer

Twitter:  @brcremer

Blog: Constant Investigations