Deconstructing Mamas

Your Next Step - Erica Garthwaite (*BONUS SUMMER EPISODE*)

August 02, 2022 Lizz Enns Petters and Esther Joy Goetz Season 1 Episode 14
Deconstructing Mamas
Your Next Step - Erica Garthwaite (*BONUS SUMMER EPISODE*)
Show Notes

"I can't see a way through," said the boy.
"Can you see your next step," said the horse.
"Yes," said the boy.
"Just take that," said the horse.

(Charlie Mackesy) 

In this BONUS SUMMER episode on the Deconstructing Mamas podcast, Erica Garthwaite, friend of Lizz and Esther (and part of their book club) brings her mic-drop wisdom to the table when it comes to navigating difficult topics with your kids as you deconstruct and they have questions.


Erica is the "Solomon" of our day. Wisdom emanates from every word that she shares and you will wish you could have coffee and pick her brain about all your parenting issues. She is a wife to a stay-at-home husband, a high-level marketing genius and a mom to two young children (one who asks a ton of hard questions).

This podcast episode is chock full of messages that will make you sigh with relief and give you lots of new ways of interacting with your kids through this whole rethinking and rebuilding your faith journey. We are so grateful to share this episode during the time in the summer when everyone is still in the "heat of it," but gearing back up for the start of the school year (except you Aussie folks...what's up with you?). Enjoy this BONUS and remember, it's not too long until Season 2 begins.


Charlie Mackesy 

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